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Sold out - out of print
First Edition Books out by: July 2018
Pre-order your books today! $29.99 + $3.50 2 day Priority Mail
Books will be available early July 2018
We expect to sell out of the first copy edition by September 2018
Second edition will be available next January 2019
Beets & Greens Body Boost Juice
150g of concentrate $18.50 + S&H
Mix with water syringe into mouth
For stabled horses and those in training
Horse Greens Body Rescue Juice
150g of concentrate $18.50 + S&H
Mix with water syringe into mouth
For stabled horses and those in training
Try our new 10 day Body Rescue bag.
We promise if you do this one simple program,
your horse will look amazing after 10 days

Preferably on an empty stomach
before hay or grain

  • Mix 1 tsp with 2 cups water
  • Syringe into mouth, walk briskly 5 mins
  • Feed hay or grain after walking

Money back guarantee if you do not see results!

55g of concentrated juice $6.50 + $3.50S&H

To read more about it visit www.HorseGreens.com
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X Factor Report using human generated research.
$25.00 X Factor
PDF or Word file
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name: click: add
55g $6.50 + S&H $3.50
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let's see where it goes...

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