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Solving The Mystery of Secretariat's Heart (Book III) was released in March of 2013
In that book we shared 2 new scientific discoveries that changed everything!

Book IV - "A Tale of Two Hearts, The X-Factor from the Beginning" takes our readers on a 25 year journey
tracking and identifying XPR patterns of inheritance found in our most successful racing & performance horses.

"My goal was to easily explain the X-factor  theory in such a way that even a non horse person could figure it out." --K.C.J.

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Each XPR Report is done on an individual basis. You  will receive a 2 page report explaining the possible XPR pattern of inheritance your horse is physically expressing. If you have a picture of the horse you want analyzed please email to: LooseHorseGraphics@gmail.com

Once we receive your order, we will contact you via email to verify the birthdate of the horse you want analyzed.

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Chapter 1 - The X-Factor from the Beginning [Excerpts from Book I, II & III]
Chapter 2 - Memories of a Golden Era XPR analysis of our Kentucky Derby winners from 1964 to 2018
Chapter 3 - Pocahontas and the Three Sisters [This is ground breaking if you want to understand XPR]
Chapter 4 - The Four Pillars of X-Factor
Chapter 5 - The Heart of the Triple Crown (XPR Analysis of each TCW including American Pharoah & Justify)
Chapter 6 - The North American Steeplechase heart
Chapter 7 - Sporting the X-Factor [Thoroughbreds -Quarter Horses - Standardbreds]
Chapter 8 - X before Y how to read X Factor Pedigree (XPR)
Chapter 9 - Prominent Heart Scans (EKG's of prominent XPR stallions carrying a large heart)
Chapter 10 - X Factor cheat sheets and Heart charts