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XPR Report Selection
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How to order your custom XPR report

Enter a registered name in the box above
for unnamed foal - enter dam's name & foal year
from the drop down box select basic, standard or premium

Once you purchase any of the 3 types of reports available
we send you an email link to request photos if you have them

Your XPR report is then analyzed & created using:
Custom XPR pedigree analysis forms
XPR proprietary database of known ECG's & measurements
XPR proprietary image database to determine skeletal I.D.
You will receive a printed report or a digital report - your choice

Cost of XPR custom pedigree analysis
#1 select a basic 1 page custom XPR analysis $25
#2 select a standard 2 page custom  XPR analysis $30
#3 select a premium 3 page custom XPR analysis $35

Average turn around - 1 to 3 days

Click on any of the thumbnails to see an example of a custom XPR report
If you request a printed copy we will gladly mail your finished, custom XPR report
If you request a digital copy, please make sure you provide
your cell phone # - for text or Jpeg file of report if you want it on your phone
(OR) provide your email so we can send you a digital copy

***If you have a large schedule of horses - please email a request for invoice
Discounts available on 10 or more reports

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